Navigating the Future: The Role of Clinical Research in Medicine

clinical trials

John was diagnosed with a form of debilitating osteoporosis. Despite taking medication and making lifestyle changes, his condition continued to worsen. One day, his doctor told him about a new clinical trial for an experimental osteoporosis drug. John decided to enroll in the trial, hoping that the new treatment would help him. After several months…

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How to be 2023’s IT GIRL 

2023, or the year of ME? The votes are in- positive attitude, self-care, and self-love are essential to becoming 2023’s IT girl. Mental self-awareness is also key to this success. Keep reading to find out how to transform yourself into the latest and greatest IT Girl, strategically launching yourself into the most successful season of…

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New Year, New Birth Control Options for Painful Periods

5,4,3,2,1, Happy New Year!! The New Year is vastly approaching, and everyone is so ready to start new beginnings, new adventures, and new year’s resolutions. The last thing you want to interrupt your Auld Lang Syne solo is the thought of effects from the night’s festivity choices. According to cosmopolitan (link site), fall and winter…

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Surviving Turkey Day the Diabetic Way

Women having dinner during thanksgiving

Surviving Turkey Day the Diabetic Way Turkey day scenario: One person whispers “I’ll bring the sweet potatoes”, another says, “I’ll bring the pecan pie”, and before you know it, they ask you the diabetic in the room what do you want to bring? As a diabetic to avoid the turkey day spotlight, you most likely…

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